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Wednesday 5<sup>th</sup> December from 2&ndash;3pm.  Meeting in David Jenkins office RAL R2 4.09.  Stephen Brooks, Tristan Davenne and Roger Bennett also in attendence.
Tuesday 29<sup>th</sup> January from 2&ndash;3pm.  Meeting in RAL R2 Conference Room 6Ali Ahmad, Roger Bennett, Stephen Brooks, Tristan Davenne and Leslie Jones also in attendence.

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Tuesday 29th January from 2–3pm. Meeting in RAL R2 Conference Room 6. Ali Ahmad, Roger Bennett, Stephen Brooks, Tristan Davenne and Leslie Jones also in attendence.


  • Stephen Brooks
    • (From last time) Start brainstorming document/page for milestone 1.3 on "new" materials - Rob Edgecock has some input
    • Resolve problems in DPA calculation in MARS on TS1 (MARS says 300DPA peak!)
      • Gas production (for Steve Roberts) will only be trustworthy once DPA and other discrepancies are ironed out
  • Roger Bennett + Ali Ahmad + Rob Edgecock
    • Look into possibility of using PASI hardware funds to do critical heat flux / cooling / binary ice test rig experiment, to update and verify 1960s-era data


Materials Analysis at Oxford

David Armstrong has also been sent the flat sample of EDM-machined tantalum prepared by Les. He is currently quite busy with start of term and lab hardware issues but will share results when time allows.

PASI-funded Hardware

It was mentioned that although WP1 has spent the correct amount on staff, there is some spare hardware money available. This should relate to the 'hardware' type milestones 1.4-1.8. Possibilities discussed include:

  • Tristan Davenne's experiments on water jets hitting tungsten with various tantalum coatings
  • Binary ice machine (perhaps 10s of kilowatts, not the megawatt ones on fishing ships)
  • Fibre optic probe for ISIS TS2 investigation
  • New power supplies for the wire test experiment

R6 Target Fabrication Lab

Les Jones reported on the construction of a target manufacturing workshop in R6. The HIP machine and electron beam welder are being installed there in a knowledge-sharing agreement with industry.

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