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Wednesday 5th December from 2–3pm. Meeting in David Jenkins office RAL R2 4.09. Stephen Brooks, Tristan Davenne and Roger Bennett also in attendence.


  • David Jenkins
    • (From last time) Information on Ta cladding stress for Bernie Riemer of SNS: stress limits from hipped pure Ta sample test
    • Find out how much money is available for hardware in PASI targets WP1
  • Stephen Brooks
    • (From last time) Forward Tristan's Ta/W HIP stress modelling document onto Bernie Riemer at SNS
    • Start brainstorming document/page for milestone 1.3 on "new" materials
    • See if MARS gives gas production in targets, either in TS1,2 models or pure slabs of W or Ta
      • Relate to DPA as (vaguely) requested by Steve Roberts
  • Roger Bennett
    • If hardware/engineering money is available, purchase low temperature pyrometer and look into target temperature diagnostics using line-of-sight
  • Anyone
    • Find out possibility of varying TS2 final quadrupoles in EPB2 to increase or change beam spot size, possibly see prompt effect on neutronics performance, find out if this has been done before



TS2 problems

Work was continuing to diagnose the cause of the radioisotopes recently found in the TS2 water filter. Isotope distribution indicates recently activated and tantalum isotopes appeared to come from tungsten decay chain.

  • ISIS will try to use telescopic rad-hard probe via water channel to see "nose" of target, check for cracking etc.
  • Les Jones wonders if isotopes could be from tungsten-copper electrode used in EDM machining of tantalum water channels (see below on Oxford materials)
  • Three used TS2 targets are in storage awaiting appropriate facilities for cutting and transport
  • Roger asked if it was possible to model tungsten radiation damage, gas production values would be helpful, should ask the Oxford materials group as they also study this (but mostly with reactor neutrons)
  • Possibility of TS2 redesign (or EPB2 change) to mitigate problems we find and improve lifetime

Materials Analysis at Oxford

David Armstrong has the Ta-clad W sample from the HIP process (and Tristan's HIP stress document) and will analyse as he sees appropriate.

  • Les Jones is also preparing a flat sample of EDM-machined tantalum so that David A. can check the surface for impurities and suggest remedies if needed

IWSMT-11 Conference (Ghent, Belgium)

Roger Bennett and David Jenkins had been to Ghent. Any notes or highlight talks obtained from that workshop can be added here.

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