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The PASI Targets kick-off meeting will occur on Tuesday 1st May at 2pm in CR3, R68, RAL.


  1. Introduction, funding, status, etc - Rob Edgecock (20 mins)
  2. PASI target interests/group (max 20 mins each)
    1. High power target group in TD
    2. ISIS target group - David Jenkins
    3. Huddersfield target group
    4. Sheffield target group
    5. Warwick target group
  3. ISIS target design codes - Stephen Brooks, David Jenkins
  4. Discussion of project activities
  5. Website - Stephen Brooks
  6. Future meetings - All
  7. AOB

More slides and files to be added

PASI Targets Meetings
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2013 January 29th WP1 · February 28th Universities/modelling · April 3rd–5th PASI annual workshop ·

December 5th Third General meeting

2014 September 9th Fourth General meeting