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The PASI project on high-power proton accelerators includes activities related to particle target design.

Output and Data

Work Packages

The target work packages are as follows:


A PDF table of all milestones for the PASI targets UK project (last modified 2013-Jan-14), including schedule (Jun 2012–Mar 2016).


PASI plenary meetings will occur every 4-6 months, with work-package-specific meetings occurring at least every 2 months.

Presentations from the meetings will be available under each meeting below.

Mailing List

Collaborators and interested parties to this project should apply to join the PASI-TARGETS mailing list (e-mail:

Use of PASI Funds

PASI Targets has limited funds for capital (equipment), so no single item over £10k is allowed. Items over £500 need approval from Rob Edgecock.

All PASI-funded overseas travel also needs approval from Rob, if you send a short e-mail with an approximate cost estimate.

Who is Involved?

  • STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
    • High Power Target Group in Technology Division
    • ISIS Target Engineering Group
    • Physicists from Particle Physics and ASTeC (accelerator design) Departments
  • Sheffield University
  • Warwick University
  • Huddersfield University

Other Interested Parties

  • PASI target research at Fermilab
  • The RadiATE (Radiation Damage in Accelerator Test Environments) collaboration
    • Oxford University Materials Science Department
    • National Nuclear Laboratory (Harwell)


PASI Targets Meetings
2012 May 1st Kick-off meeting · August 7th WP1 · October 5th WP1 · October 9th Universities/modelling · December 5th WP1
2013 January 29th WP1 · February 28th Universities/modelling · April 3rd–5th PASI annual workshop ·

December 5th Third General meeting

2014 September 9th Fourth General meeting