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Welcome to the Particle Accelerators for Science and Innovation UK wiki.

This is the UK working site for the PASI collaboration. The project covers:

  • The Front End Test Stand (FETS) at RAL: an R&D accelerator for high-power proton beams, starting from the H ion source and accelerating in an RFQ up to 3MeV energy, via a LEBT and ending in a chopper.
  • The UK Neutrino Factory (UKNF) project, the UK's contribution to designing a facility to investigate the masses, mixing and CP violation properties of neutrinos.
  • A high-power target R&D work package, investigating the engineering and physics challenges involved in intense particle sources of neutrons, muons, neutrinos and more.

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Meetings - click here

Mailing Lists

Other more specialist lists include PASI-TARGETS and PASI-CONVENERS.