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There will be a PASI Targets meeting Tuesday 9th October at 1pm in CR13, R68 at RAL. This will mainly be focussed on the contributions of the University collaborators to the project, particularly in the area of modelling, but all are welcome.

Send any presentations to Stephen Brooks to have them linked below.


  1. Introduction - Rob
  2. Previous work of Ali Ahmad - Ali
  3. Possible areas of involvement:
  4. Discussion
  5. Future meetings
    • General - Rob
    • WP1 - David
    • WP2 - Matt
    • WP3 - Chris
  6. AoB
PASI Targets Meetings
2012 May 1st Kick-off meeting · August 7th WP1 · October 5th WP1 · October 9th Universities/modelling · December 5th WP1
2013 January 29th WP1 · February 28th Universities/modelling · April 3rd–5th PASI annual workshop ·

December 5th Third General meeting

2014 September 9th Fourth General meeting