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This PASI targets WP1 (generic HPT tools, monitoring systems and high-Z studies) meeting will occur on Tuesday 7th August from 2–3pm in CR6, R2, RAL. Contact David Jenkins for details.


  1. Brief recap/review of original WP1 proposals for study areas.
  2. Brief recap/review of staff funding and project code – is it up to date?
  3. Review of WP1 website
  4. Review of Rob’s milestone list
  5. Discuss and set out and agree who is working on what – will others be involved?
  6. AOB
  7. Next meeting?

PASI Targets Meetings
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2013 January 29th WP1 · February 28th Universities/modelling · April 3rd–5th PASI annual workshop ·

December 5th Third General meeting

2014 September 9th Fourth General meeting